In addition to academic conferences (listed under the Events section), the YPD sponsors regular “quick-read workshops”. The quick-read workshops are designed to compliment more formalized workshops and colloquia held at Yale. These sessions allow associated faculty and fellows to get timely, detailed feedback on works-in-progress, the same sort of feedback that they might get from article and book reviewers.

Examples of workshop papers include Elizabeth Carlson (YPD Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011-12), Partisanship and Perceptions of Provision. Ana De La O Torres (YPD Associated Faculty Member), The Silent Transformation of Social Assistance in Latin America. Tariq Thachil (YPD Associated Faculty Member) Religious Welfare as Electoral Strategy. Cesar Zucco (YPD Postdoctoral Fellow, spring 2012), Conditional Cash Transfers and Voting Behavior: Redistribution and Clientelism in Poor and Unequal Democracies. Thad Dunning and Susan Stokes (YPD Associated Faculty Members), Pork, by any other name… Building a Conceptual Scheme of Distributive Politics. Helene Landemore (YPD Associated Faculty Member), Democratic Reason: Why the Many are Smarter than the Few and Why It Matters. Adria Lawrence (YPD Associated Faculty Member), Triggering Nationalist Violence: Competition and Conflict in Uprisings Against Colonial Rule.